Book Review: Her Secret Diary (Part 1) by: R.J. Snow

Publisher: R.J. Snow

Publication Date: April 10, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: One day while cleaning her new bedroom, Emery finds a diary that had got left behind by mistake.

The diary belongs to 16 year old Jami Reid who was uprooted from the only home she knew and forced to move to small town Wolverine Lake, Michigan, which could have easily been the most boring move she was forced to make.

One night Jami's life takes an exciting turn after meeting the attractive and charming Xander Sharpe. But before their romance can fully blossom, the captivating Cade Calahan begins stealing Jami's heart.

Jami finds herself caught between the two guys as something else arises between them: a shocking secret that could never be revealed. They are both werewolves, and they are from different packs. One night when Jami's life is threatened by a stray werewolf who doesn't follow the rules, one of the two guys decide to let Jami in on their secret. But will knowing werewolves exist really keep Jami safe?

Review: Emery has just moved to Wolverine Lake, Michigan because her father wanted somewhere nicer for his family to live – away from the gang violence in Lansing. While cleaning her room on her mother’s insistence, Emery finds a diary hidden by the air vent. The diary of Jami Erin Reid, who Emery figures is the girl who previously lived in her house. From then on, readers are introduced to Jami via her diary entries. Jami has just moved to Wolverine Lake with her family and she’s meeting new people through her cousin Kristin. In HER SECRET DIARY Jami meets two very different, yet equally captivating, guys who both have a deep dark secret. When Jami’s threatened by a rogue, Cade decides it’s time for Jami to know the truth – there are werewolves in Wolverine Lake. However, knowing this secret may not be enough to keep Jami and her family safe from those who would wish to harm them. HER SECRET DIARY is well-written and I enjoyed the format of diary entries versus straight prose. It was a way to get into Jami’s head without it seeming like an intrusion. I liked Jami and how strong she was, even in the face of an unthinkable evil. While the story focuses on Jami and her life (via the diary), I do hope we see more of Emery in future books.

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