Book Review: Hell Beckons by: Richard Becker

Publisher: Midnight Frost Books

Publication Date: September 24, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Do No Harm is the Wiccan Creed. Harming magic returns threefold to the spell caster.

Sandy, a powerful witch, caused great harm by conspiring with Ravagers – entities that feed on human misery. It is now time for Sandy to make amends.

Years ago, she orchestrated the selection of a young man into a secret college society. That society propels him to the Presidency, but he finds himself unable to contain the darkness engulfing his nation.

With the country in shambles and his military bogged down half a world away, he resorts to witchcraft…with unforeseen results.

Aided only by her serial killer boyfriend and a jaded mercenary, Sandy faces a losing battle. In desperation, she reaches out to Ravagers for help; however, they have plans of their own.

Can witchcraft save the world from Ravagers or will the harm Sandy’s done revisit her three fold?

Review: America is under siege from terrorists and the White House has an unorthodox idea. They contact Sandy, a powerful witch who the president has known since college, to fight against those who would bring down America and all it stands for. Sandy’s no white witch, but steeped in the dark magicks of her dealings with the Ravagers. The Ravagers are creatures who feed on human suffering and pain, creatures who have their own plans for humanity. The threefold law will come to claim Sandy soon and she’s trying to make amends for all the pain she’s caused over the years. Can Sandy and her brand of witchcraft save America before the threefold law catches up to her? HELL BECKONS is a dark and horrifying tale of the paranormal. The author has a chilling way with words which draws you deeper into the world he’s created. HELL BECKONS is not for the squeamish, with graphic depictions of sex, violence, and truly dark magicks. In HELL BECKONS, the author drops you into the action and you pick up the background of the characters as the story unfolds. Read HELL BECKONS at your own risk!

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