Book Review: Blue-Eyed Ruse by: Ginny Frings

Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: May 13, 2014

Origins:  From Publicist for Review

Synopsis: "What a nightmare..." Jake says as one day bleeds into the next. Murders are happening all across the nation... why? Is this a series of freak isolated incidents or by design? Characters in this story cross paths... coincidence? Maybe or maybe not... that is for the reader to determine... and decide whether to answer the S.O.S call...

Review: There are strange deaths happening all over the country where one commonality is a bottle of wine from the same vineyard being found near or in conjunction with the body. Each person who has died also has some sort of connection, however vague, to each other. The main focus of BLUE EYED RUSE is a mystery author who, after ten long years touring to promote his books, has come home to his wife for good. After a celebration for their anniversary and to welcome him home permanently, he is found dead. His widow, Brenda, doesn’t believe the police’s theory of suicide and when she discovers the other deaths featuring the same bottle of wine found near her husband, she calls on all her strength and her friends to solve these crimes. However, sometimes when you look for the facts, you won’t always like what you find. BLUE EYED RUSE combines an intriguing mystery with Christian spirituality. I enjoyed the mystery part and the emphasis on positive thinking, but the story spiraled into readings of scripture, which isn’t my cup of tea. I can see a lot of readers enjoying BLUE EYED RUSE for the unique characters and provocative mystery.

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