Book Review: Acts of Violence by: Ross Harrison

Publication Date: January 20, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: My name’s Jack Mason. I made a mistake. Took home the wrong girl. Now she’s dead. Cut up. And they’re telling me I did it. 

It’s the same cop that tried to take me down ten years ago. Now he’s coming at me hard. And he’s not the only one. Cole Webster, the city’s crime lord, thinks I stole from him. Broke me out of custody just to ask me about it. Then I killed his son. Now he really wants me. 

Add to this equation a government agent, and I’m a real popular guy right now. Pretty much everyone I meet wants me dead, lawfully or otherwise. There’s nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. I’ve got till morning to uncover Webster’s trafficking operation and take the heat off me. And all I’ve got to go on is a pissed off homeless girl with a thirst for revenge. 

Guess it could be worse. Can’t quite figure how.

Review: Jack Mason is a former cop who now works as an unlicensed private detective. Looking for information at ‘The Web’, a high-end night club, he gets involved after witnessing acts of violence toward one of the bartender. Taking the waitress home, Jack finds himself embroiled in a murder mystery with himself as the prime suspect as the bartender ends up dead in his home. This being the second time he’s accused of murder a female companion, Jack’s got to work to clear his name against all odds. ACTS OF VIOLENCE is set in Harem, a city which everyone has forgotten and is run by the Webster family which is headed by Cole Webster. Jack is, at best, a questionable narrator and the story itself is told in past tense. We’re reading a memory and, as we all know, memory is notoriously unreliable. ACTS OF VIOLENCE is quick-moving and gritty with a noir flair which was definitely appealing to me. I liked the final reveal and while I could see the possibility coming, I was still a bit surprised by the ending. Overall, ACTS OF VIOLENCE is an enjoyable story.

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