Book Review: Trespassers by: Todd & Tim Wynn

Publisher: Pretend Pictures Inc.

Publication Date: October 18, 2014

Origins:  From Authors for Review

Synopsis: When four alien visitors arrive on Earth and disappear into the cornfields of Indiana, it is Stewart Faulkner’s job to find them. Who they are, where they’re headed, and what’s important enough to make them jump from a moving spaceship are all questions that Stewart must uncover. And he will have to do it all while 

1) training a new team member named Mindy—who is developing a crush on him; 
2) flying under the radar of his boss to make sure he’s not removed from the case; and 
3) staying one step ahead of a government agent named Karl Bruner, who is determined to expose the presence of aliens on Earth.

Review: TRESPASSERS is the story of four unauthorized alien visitors who have come to Earth and the organization whose job it is to track them down. Stewart Faulker is the head of the Limestone Deposit Survey Group, which has nothing to do with limestone at all, but instead is a secret government organization dedicated to tracking down trespassing aliens and keeping them from public knowledge. TRESPASSERS is an eloquent science fiction tale, with some romance and mystery mixed in. It’s not ‘science-heavy’ so readers don’t get gummed up in understanding the technical aspects and it has interesting characters who keep the story moving along. TRESPASSERS is both funny and touching, a book I can see easily translating to the big screen. I think fans of Douglas Adams or Piers Anthony will love TRESPASSERS!


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