Book Review: Show Me the Gold by: Carolyn Mulford

Publisher: Five Star

Publication Date: December 17, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Staking out a country graveyard to catch vandals ex-spy Phoenix Smith and Acting Sheriff Annalynn Keyser respond to a neighboring county's urgent call. The old friends block an exit from an abandoned farmhouse where four bank robbers were spotted. The women engage in a fatal shootout but two gang members escape. Achilles Phoenix's K-9 dropout can't sniff out a trail but smells a trap set to kill pursuers.

The FBI takes over the case but fails to find the fugitives or the gold coins they stole. Agents suspect Phoenix knows where the gold is. So do the elusive robbers. Phoenix must adapt her tradecraft to protect herself and others and to follow threads leading to the gang and the gold.

Review: SHOW ME THE GOLD features Acting Sheriff Annalynn Keyser and Phoenix Smith, an ex-spy. They get caught up in the hunt for four bank robbers, which ended with them shooting two of them. The other bank robbers, along with the FBI, believe Phoenix knows where the missing gold is hidden. She must use all of her skills and those of her trained dog, Achilles, to keep herself safe and ferret out the truth. SHOW ME THE GOLD has good characters and an interesting mystery. While SHOW ME THE GOLD is a stand-alone novel and reads very well, I could have gained more insight into the characters from reading the other books in this series.

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