Book Review: The Reason for the Season by: Judy Nichols

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc

Publication Date: November 12, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: "Kate, I'll never understand how trouble just seems to find you," her husband tells her.

Seven years after Tree Huggers, Kate Dennison still has plenty of trouble.

There have been lots of changes in her life in the last few years. She’s no longer a single mom with a sweet seven year old daughter. Now she is dealing with a second marriage, a rambunctious four year old son and a surly teenager. Plus the demands of her job as the author of a popular parenting blog.

And If that wasn’t enough, at the age of 45, she’s pregnant. With twins.

Her only escape from all this domestic chaos is practicing for the joint choral Christmas concert presented by her church and the local gay/Lesbian church. After a rehearsal, Kate witnesses the brutal beating of two gay friends. One is killed, the other is severely injured.

Kate’s determined to do whatever to takes to find out who was responsible for this brutal hate crime. Even if it puts her own life in danger. 

Review: Kate Dennison from ‘Tree Huggers’ is back in THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. She’s now Kate Haas, a mommy blogger, with a teenage daughter, small son, and twins on the way. She’s able to get away from her hectic life for a few hours by singing in the rehearsals for the Christmas show at the local LGBT church. Kate finds the Christmas carols soothing to her soul and to the babies. After one of the rehearsals, Kate witnesses a horrific hate crime in which two of the choir members, both gay, are beaten to a pulp. One of them ends up passing away and the other, a good friend of Kate’s, is in the hospital clinging to life. Kate wonders if the attack was a random beating or if the two men were targeted by their assailants.

THE REASON FOR THE SEASON is a well-written mystery novel. I loved Kate; she was a fully realized character. She tries to find the balance between her mommy blog, her blended family, and still have a few minutes to take for herself. When Kate starts to look into who would perpetrate such a heinous crime, she finds clues which will lead her to the truth. Yet Kate has a habit of getting herself in trouble, even when she’s not looking for it. The author truly brought all of the characters to life and I was caught up in THE REASON FOR THE SEASON from the very beginning. It was easy to relate to Kate and her chaotic life as well as her drive to help others. Even though I didn’t read ‘Tree Huggers’, the first novel featuring Kate, I wasn’t lost at all and THE REASON FOR THE SEASON is definitely a stand-alone novel. THE REASON FOR THE SEASON has wonderfully realized characters and is great mystery story.

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