Book Review: Never by: Shay Lynam

Publisher: Indie World Publishing and Author Services

Publication Date: November 4, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Wynn Harper spends her days trying to blend into the background. This isn't very easy, especially being the great granddaughter of the late Wendy Darling. Wynn used to love Great Gran's stories about her adventures in Neverland with Peter Pan and his lost boys, but that's all they were. Just stories, right? That's what Wynn keeps telling herself. 

But then she meets Peter, the beautiful boy with a voice to match, and when he whisks her off to Neverland, Wynn knows this is no fairy tale. The lost boys are a group of rebellious ex-pirates, young Hook has a soft side, and Peter Pan isn't as innocent as you might think.

Review: Wyndy (Wynn) Harper grew up on her Great Gran’s stories of fairies and flying boys in Neverland. Great Gran was Wendy Darling and when she passes Wynn feels a big hole in her heart. When she was little Wynn believed all her Great Gran’s stories, but as she grew she realized they were only stories. Before she passed, Great Gran’s mind started to go and she was mentally transported back to Neverland, barely recognizing her own family. Now Wynn is trying to get back into her routines a month after her Great Gran’s passing and her best friend Marty wants her to go out dancing. At the club Wynn meets Peter, a boy whose songs touch her soul and whose beauty lifts her spirits. Wynn goes with Peter to Neverland and realizes her Great Gran’s stories were right all these years. NEVER has a good concept, however, the timeline seemed a little hurried especially as the time in Neverland flows differently than in ‘reality’. It also seems Wynn, who grew up on tales of Neverland, is too easily surprised by all of the people, places, and things in Neverland. Perhaps this is because she grew out of believing in the stories? While Peter was fun, he seemed one-dimensional and I think it was really James Hook who ended up stealing the spotlight. I’d have liked to have seen more of a focus on Hook to make NEVER stand out from J.M. Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan’. I do think NEVER will appeal to tweenagers and those who enjoy YA romance with fantasy elements, plus it does have an absolutely gorgeous cover.

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