Book Review: Hourglass Heights by: Ian David Noakes

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

Publication Date: June 30, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Who is brutally murdering the male residents of the Hourglass Heights apartment complex? At first glance, it would appear that their spouses are the killers, but Detective Marcia Tanaka believes that a serial killer is responsible. 

Through the course of her investigation, Detective Tanaka is pulled into a world of Japanese folklore and the supernatural as she explores the darker side of relationships, sex and psyche. She must learn to defeat her own personal demons before she can defeat one that is far more sinister.

Review: HOURGLASS HEIGHTS is a paranormal horror story with a strange twist. The Hourglass Heights apartment complex harbors dangerous secrets. Detective Marcia Tanaka is called in on several murders of male residents, supposedly killed by their spouses/significant others. However, Detective Tanaka is convinced there is something far more sinister and unnatural about these murders. HOURGLASS HEIGHTS is fraught with sexual overtones, complex and flawed characters, and a chilling mystery. Detective Tanaka’s persistence and tenacity lend credibility to the story along with her need for punishment. Sex fills a need in each character, no matter the type or for what purpose. Blending aspects of Japanese folklore and the paranormal, HOURGLASS HEIGHTS is a suspenseful and thrilling horror story.

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