Book Review: Camp Arcanum by: Josef Matulich


Publisher: Post Mortem Press

Publication Date: February 22, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Marc Sindri, prankster and contractor, comes to Arcanum Ohio to build a renaissance faire in only seven months. A man with a reputation for delivering miracles and a bad history with crazy people who believe in magical conspiracies, he soon finds himself in a small town filled with magick and intrigue. In spite of the recurring pain in the back of his head that reminds him of what happens when pretty girls smile, he gets caught up in a love triangle between Brenwyn, head of the local Wiccan coven, and Jeremiah, her demonologist ex. As Marc tries to meet his impossible deadlines, he navigates a landscape of witches, demons, power tools and undead skinless bunnies.

Review: Marc Sindri is a contractor who has been hired to build a renaissance faire in Arcanum, Ohio, in seven months. Marc has no time for the magickal or fantastical, especially in light of his brother’s mental illness. However, the magickal is what Arcanum, Ohio is all about as the whole town is populated by magick users of one ilk or another. Marc is of interest to the head of the local coven, Brenwyn, and to the local demonologist, Jeremiah, as well as the other magick users in the area for a very special reason. Even though Marc doesn’t believe, he’s drawn into situations which scare him to his very soul and questioning all those around him as he fights to finish the renaissance faire on schedule. CAMP ARCANUM combines humor and horror, with a dash of romance thrown in for spice. The author’s writing style is unique, as is the setting and characters. I liked Marc, but I wished he was able to take a chance when the opportunity arose. Set in a small town, we are introduced to many characters who all stand out in one way or another. CAMP ARCANUM has a solid foundation, but I think it could benefit from a little polishing. Still, CAMP ARCANUM is a fun and fast read.

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