Book Review: The Blood Detail by: Arvin Loudermilk

Publisher: The Concentrium

Publication Date: October 15, 2013

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

Synopsis: Vigil No. 1, a novella.

“The city of Los Angeles is infested with vampires. I’ll bet you had no idea. I sure as hell didn’t. My name is Grace Kimble and I was on patrol the first time I ran into one of these murderous bastards. The perp in question had just drunk a girl dry, and was looking to do the same to me. Totally outmatched, I took the only option I had left. I put up my dukes.”

Series: Vigil series

Review: THE BLOOD DETAIL is based on the comic book series Vigil and features Grace Kimble, a dedicated police officer. During a routine patrol, Grace and her partner come across what looks like a man attacking a jogger. Instead of being a rapist, the man was eating the poor woman. When Grace pits her strength and skill against the cannibal killer, she’s surprised out easily he defeats her. Even after being shot, the man isn’t fazed and seems to be unharmed. Once he flees, two detectives interrogate Grace and her partner and Grace runs into them later at her home. They inform her the man has been stalking Grace since their run-in earlier. Grace is brought into their confidence and put out into the field. Was she ready for this kind of predator?? THE BLOOD DETAIL is an approximately 59 page introduction into the darkness. THE BLOOD DETAIL has a kick-ass main character in Grace Kimble and for being so short; you really get into her head. THE BLOOD DETAIL is well-written and intriguing, reminding me a bit of The Strain.

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