Book Review: Birth of the Vampire by: Gayla Twist

Publication Date: May 25, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Dorian is a vampire who doesn’t believe in love. Haley is a human who doesn’t believe in vampires. 

At seventeen, Haley Scott’s life is pretty miserable. She lives with her uncle in a small town where she has absolutely no friends and barely any social life. Haley knows for a fact that there are very few people on the planet who care if she lives or dies. 

Dorian Vanderlind is a vampire with a past he’s reluctant to face. He visits his cousin as a favor, only to find himself entangled in the enticements of the mortal world. 

What happens when these two are thrown together in the most complicated of circumstances? Find out in Birth of the Vampire ~ Book 1 in The Vanderlind Realm.

Review: BIRTH OF THE VAMPIRE is not your ordinary vampire story. Haley Scott lives with her uncle in a small town where no one cares for her and she’s tricked into believing if she gives herself to a boy she likes, he’ll announce their relationship. At a party, her secret is cruelly revealed and she flees in shame and anger. Dorian Vanderlind is a vampire, visiting his relatives, when he’s invited to a party. He follows Haley and when she has a spectacular care crash, he turns her into a vampire. However, she’s not the normal type of fledgling he’s used to, but she keeps her independence and has a strong control over her thirst. BIRTH OF THE VAMPIRE is a fun novella with a good backstory on both of the main characters. I enjoyed how different BIRTH OF THE VAMPIRE is from traditional and YA vampire stories. The action doesn’t really take place until the last third of the book, but the buildup was worth it. Enjoy a new take on the vampire genre!

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