Book Review: The Oath of Nimrod by: David S. Brody

Publisher: Eyes That See Publishing

Publication Date: September 24, 2014

Origins:  From Publicist for Review

Synopsis: A mysterious race of North American giants. 

An ancient Hebrew inscription in a Cherokee burial mound. 

A blood oath made by blindfolded Freemasons. 

Are these three historical oddities the reason the CIA is trying to brainwash historian Cameron Thorne and his fiancée Amanda Spencer-Gunn? The answer lies buried in the legends of the Knights Templar, within the rituals of the secretive Freemasons and, most significantly of all, inside the bowels of the Smithsonian Institution. The problem for Cam and Amanda? If they go rummaging around the Smithsonian, they may find themselves buried alongside the ancient giants. 

Review: THE OATH OF NIMROD combines some seemingly disparate subjects into an absorbing and illuminating thriller. Cameron Thorne is approached at a conference and informed he is a potential target of CIA brainwashing. Readers are introduced or reintroduced to the MK Ultra program of CIA brainwashing, a strange race of giants whose bones have been found in North American Indian burial mounds, and an obscure oath taken by Freemasons upon joining the order. The author is able to seamlessly weave historically accurate and known facts with exciting fictional elements. I was quickly drawn into the action and found the entirety of the story oddly believable. The characters had been established in previous books, yet I was not lost as reading the previous books is not a requirement to understand and enjoy THE OATH OF NIMROD. While there is a lot of information to assimilate, it is provided in a way which does not slow the story down and enhances the plot and the character development. The author has a way with words which enchants and explains complex theories without confusion for readers. THE OATH OF NIMROD is an enjoyable ride with an unforeseen twist at the end.

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