Book Review: Dark Digital Sky by: Carac Allison

Publisher: Crime Planet Press

Publication Date: September 9, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: LA Private Investigator Chalk is hired to find three adult sons a Hollywood mogul fathered through a sperm bank many years before. United, the three half brothers discover they share a desire to be warriors. They plan a heist to prove they are worthy of enlisting with a paramilitary leader who has taken both a name and a mad inspiration from Kubrick’s dark satire Dr. Strangelove. General Ripper’s forces begin by robbing pharmaceutical warehouses and then mailing the stolen prescription drugs to America’s veterans. They escalate to kidnapping video game designers and broadcasting their deaths. The ensuing chaos builds toward a culminating drone attack that will forever prove Ripper's warning that graphics have made warriors terrorists.

Review: Chalk is a PI who has been worn down by the roll of the genetic dice and the hand life has dealt. Unnaturally hyperaware of his psychological state, Chalk uses a plethora of medication, both doctor- and self-prescribed to keep it together. However, his ex-wife, ex-partner, and those around him might disagree with his definition of keeping it together. Chalk has been hired to find the children of a rich and famous Hollywood mogul which were conceived through his donations to a sperm bank. Once Chalk finds them, he uncovers the threads of a huge conspiracy which threatens our entire way of life. Plucking these threads leads Chalk on a labyrinthine quest to find one of the members of the Dark Pantheon. DARK DIGITAL SKY is a warning wrapped in an archetypal noir mystery, well-written and highly engrossing. While not every reader may be able to easily connect with Chalk, I found him to be compelling and even sympathetic in an odd way. We’re introduced to what Chalk calls the Dark Pantheon, movers and shakers in an underground world of evil whose main goals are to cause chaos and pandemonium. DARK DIGITAL SKY has a feel to it sort of like ‘The Matrix’ or ‘A Scanner Darkly’ and while the seemingly disparate pieces come together nicely, the answers open up more questions for Chalk and lead him deeper down the rabbit hole. I enjoyed DARK DIGITAL SKY, devouring every detail, and I am looking forward to the next installment in the Dark Pantheon series.


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