Book Review: Rise of the Merovingians by: George Eugene Magnus

Publisher: Bassano Publishing

Publication Date: April 1, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Kidnapped while holidaying in Venice, Maria was quickly released at the mere mention of her surname. Returning home, she delved into her Nonna's ancient leather diary for clues. Headed for London to investigate further, Maria came face-to-face with an MI6 death squad - only to find that life as she knew it was all a lie. Chased across Europe by MI6, Italian Police, and covert operatives of the Rose Croix, Maria's relentless search for answers brought far more than she ever bargained for. Fast cars, secret lairs with organic weapons, and all the latest tech, Maria would somehow rise to fulfil her ancestor's long forgotten prophecy - one would arise and unearth the ancient power of the Merovingians.

Review: RISE OF THE MEROVINGIANS has an interesting and even credible plot, reminiscent of the Da Vinci Code in ways. The writing style does need to be a little more refined and tightened up. It was a little distracting with the number of times someone ‘blurted’, ‘hollered’, or ‘sniggered’ with every spoken phrase. There was an emphasis on all the delightful gustatory journeys George and Maria took, so if you're a foodie, too, you'll enjoy this book. I enjoyed the history of the Merovingians and how it intersected with Shakespeare, the Windsor family, the Rosicrucians, and the Freemasons. I think RISE OF THE MEROVINGIANS has a great premise which could be improved by some additional polishing.

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