Book Review: The Queen's Blade by: T C Southwell

Publisher: Smashwords/T C Southwell

Publication Date: April 30, 2011

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: A doomed kingdom, a young queen’s sacrifice and a killer who will bring an empire to its knees...

In a world where men share kindred with beasts, the Idol of the Beasts predicts a child who will end the Endless War after centuries of strife, but first the enemy king must die and his son be brought to the Jashimari Queen in chains…

After numerous failed attempts, killing King Shandor seems impossible, until an assassin offers to do the deed. His success places the Crown Prince at Queen Minna-Satu’s mercy, and Blade becomes the instrument of her wrath. Forged in the fires of fury, his heart died long ago in the desert kingdom. His glance is as icy as his smile is disarming, and the fires of passion will never stir his blood. He is the Master of the Dance in Jondar, the best to ever hold the title.

Driven by hatred and with the skills of his trade, he will usher in a time of strife and pain that will live in legend, and forever bear his name. He is the instrument who can change fate. He is the Queen’s Blade.

Series: The Queen's Blade

Review: THE QUEEN’S BLADE is a tale of two kingdoms, forever at war, and the lengths to which the new queen will go to bring about peace for her people. The writing style is sharp and concise, the plot is intriguing, and the characters are interesting. I did feel the characters could have benefited from more growth over the course of the book. My favorite character was Conash (aka Blade), who is a highly skilled and sought after assassin. His character seems the strongest to me out of all the rest. He is, to me, well-defined and engaging. I thought the animal familiars, which only some of the characters have, were a somewhat unusual addition to the story. I wish they had been given more background as to why they exist and their role in this world. I also thought the ending was abrupt and hopefully the opening to book 2 will start right at where book 1 ended and not five months later, for example. THE QUEEN’S BLADE is the first book in what could grow into an epic high fantasy series.

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