Book Review: The Friendship Stones by: Alan Black

Publication Date: January 21, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: LillieBeth Hazkit is thrust into an adult world of evil and of evil men, she has to grow up much too fast, learning of love, of tribulation and of facing her demons with fire, fury, anger, and blossoming maturity.

Growing up in the Ozarks in 1920, she loves everyone and in her twelve years of wisdom believes all people are endowed with love and kindness. Her daddy gets home only on weekends, so she and her mama take care of their small, rented farm. She has become very adept with her precious .22 rifle helping Mama put meat on the table.

She feels compelled to obey the command to love our neighbors, a scripture she learned at her little country church and school house. It comes as an immense shock when she learns the friendless, crazy old man down the road does not want to be her friend and it becomes her mission to convince him that she loves him and wants to be a good neighbor.

Review: LillieBeth Hazlit is a 12 year old girl growing up in the Ozarks. It’s 1920 and LillieBeth believes in the kindness which lies in each person’s heart. She and her mother take care of the farm house they rent while her father is away at work during the week. She’s been taught all her life to follow the commandments, especially ‘love thy neighbors’. After an especially meaningful sermon from a guest preacher, LillieBeth decides to befriend Fletcher Hoffman, an old soldier who doesn’t like anyone and wants to be left alone. Regardless, LillieBeth isn’t giving up and the two form a strange bond which helps her deal with some very tough times. THE FRIENDSHIP STONES is a touching story of a hardworking young girl who only wants the best for everyone. She’s persistent and strong in facing an adversary who is more vicious than she’d ever imagined. I admire LillieBeth for her strength, temperament, and hard working lifestyle. Join LillieBeth’s journey from innocent child to adulthood in THE FRIENDSHIP STONES. I definitely recommend THE FRIENDSHIP STONES.

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