Book Review: Dreams of Ivory and Gold by: Kirk Dougal

Publisher: Angelic Knight Press

Publication Date: May 16, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Gregor Novara hunts evil.

Loathed by those who see him as an abomination for the incubus blood in his veins, he is regarded by others as a savior. Set loose to hunt down another incubus before the beast can put in motion an apocalyptic prophesy the Catholic Church has kept hidden for centuries, Novara must chase his prey through the years. He starts his mission with hope that gradually turns to despair, descending into darkness until he risks becoming the same evil he tracks.

Morgan Kelly is a New York City homicide detective with a growing list of murdered women. The mutilated victims are tied together by the manner of death and a bloodline extending back thousands of years. Fresh off a psych evaluation and a suspension, Kelly must find the serial killer while still dealing with the nightmares disrupting her life.

Father Roger Greene is the meeting point for Novara and Kelly. Assigned by the Vatican to be Novara's liaison, he is ordered to watch over the emotionally unstable emissary while also counseling his childhood friend, Kelly. Startled to discover the Church's evil and the serial killer are one in the same, Greene must put aside his fear and help Novara destroy the incubus before it captures Kelly and begins the cataclysm.

Review: Gregor Novara is half-incubus and has set himself against the incubus who is hell-bent on fulfilling a secret prophecy hidden by the Catholic Church. Following and fighting over centuries, Novara is the Church’s perfectly honed instrument. Now the incubus is in New York City trying to find the perfect vessel to bring forth the destruction of humanity. Meanwhile, the New York City police department thinks there is just an “average” serial killer murdering women and removing their uteruses and has assigned Detective Morgan Kelly to the case. She is back off of leave after a particularly trying incident and is looking to make good on her return. Bridging the hunter Novara and Detective Kelly is Father Roger Greene. He has been Morgan’s good friend for many years and is also assigned by the Vatican to be Novara’s liaison and guide. All three are in the cross hairs of an incubus with an axe to grind and a prophecy to fulfill. DREAMS OF IVORY AND GOLD is a complex tale with plenty of thrills and chills. My favorite character was Detective Morgan Kelly – she’s smart, tough, and willing to put it all on the line to get the job done. I enjoyed the parts for the story depicting Novara’s past transactions with the incubus. Overall, Novara was not a friendly or nice being, but he definitely stuck to his life’s mission. DREAMS OF IVORY AND GOLD is a tale full of twists and turns with a stupefying ending.

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