Book Review: Debridement by: Sean Dow

Publisher: Two Harbors Press

Publication Date: December 17, 2013

Origins:  From Publicist for Review

Synopsis: Dr. Jack Hastings had what he considered a satisfying life as a dedicated critical care physician. He had no outlandish dreams, only wanting the personal satisfaction of a life well lived and the knowledge that he had made a difference in the lives of his patients. But fate can have other ideas. In Jack's case, that came in the form of a groundless malpractice suit. He knew all too well what such a suit could do--he'd seen it happen far too often to his fellow physicians. To make matters worse, the attorney handling the suit was the worst of his kind, "a scumbag who made spoiled milk smell like a fresh spring day."

Looking at the impending destruction of his life, Dr. Hastings formulates a plan--one that takes such exquisite shape in his mind that he can do nothing else but carry it out. He will rid himself and the medical community of the problem lawyer. The plan goes smoothly, but Jack might have done things differently, if only he had known what would come next.

Review: Dr. Jack Hastings has it all – a good career as a critical care physician, a beautiful wife, and great kids. When he’s served with papers for a lawsuit, Jack’s world crumbles around him. He knows he did no wrong, but the stigma of a lawsuit can ruin a doctor’s career in less than a heartbeat. It doesn’t help matters when the lawyer who is working for the plaintiff is the lowest of all ambulance chasers. Jack needs to find a way out of this lawsuit and his only idea is to get rid of the man who is a plague on himself and the medical community at large. This opens up a whole new world to Jack and will change his life forever. DEBRIDEMENT: the usually surgical removal of lacerated, devitalized, or contaminated tissue. In this case, the title truly fits the plot. Written in the first person, we see events through Jack’s eyes and his biases. I think the story was written so you didn’t feel much compassion for many of the characters. There were certain aspects of the plot for which I had to suspend disbelief, but overall I found DEBRIDEMENT to be an enjoyable escape from the real world.

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