Guest Post: World Building in the Equilibria Series by Echo Fox

Publication Date: October 1, 2014

Synopsis: Tai is in love and he wants to fly across the mountain shouting it to the skies. He is ready to share his life with Keiko, when a strange event turns his world upside down. 

The Daiku, long-time prey of Tai’s tribe of Zephyrus, start fighting back. With the whole tribe in danger from the reptilian creatures that roam the dark forest below, Tai must put all his knowledge of hunting to the test to help safeguard his people.

With the Daiku becoming an ever more erratic threat, control of the hunters is given to a fast-rising star of the Hunting Wing, Aiko, and for a while all seems to be going to plan. The Daiku can be defeated and Tai can finally live his life with Keiko.

However, is everything as it seems? Is Aiko really the Zephyrus’ salvation? Or will Tai need to gamble everything - and everyone - he loves for the greater good?

Series Description: EQUILIBRIA SERIES

Trouble is brewing in the harmonious land of Pangaea. Ever since the continent was split into four elemental parts by Strife, the balance has been edging ever so slightly in favour of the dark. Now, four elementals just coming into their powers must meet Strife head on and restore balance to their world.

In Wave Singers, we met Merry and the people of Thera, the Mer as they battled against an unjust tyrant in an underwater kingdom of musical magic.

In Earth Drummer, we followed Gentian as he made a decision that had the power to save his people or leave them to face the darkness alone.

Guest Post: The world of Pangaea is a reality where human invention never took place because it was never necessary. The denizens of Pangaea all have various magical abilities which render our present day tools - like electricity, tarmac roads and the internet - completely irrelevant. After all, when you can fly through the air, as in Book #3 Air Riders, why would you need a car?

Pangaea is split into four elemental realms - Thera, the underwater realm of the Mer. Cerea, the wide open plains of the Earth people, the Cereans. Aither, the mountainous land of the flying Zephyrus and Pyrrhos, the fiery region of the Titaians.

Each realm corresponds to the element it represents and is accordingly positioned on the map. Ancient lore shows that fire is found in the south, air to the east, earth to the north and water to the west. Once I had those bare bones in my head, I was able to sketch out a geographically accurate map of Pangaea (which you can see in the foreward pages of each book).

The individual realms themselves came together really easily. I knew the characteristics each element would represent and the land around them reflects that. The world as a whole is explained using a lesser known story from Ancient Greek mythology that describes the creation of the world. I combined that story with our own scientific version of events, so that Pangaea is a world that has split away from our modern countries.

I've really enjoyed building up Pangaea while writing, it is definitely one of my favorite parts. I use Pinterest relentlessly to find beautiful photos of the world that inspire me and if you take a look at my Equilibria board: you'll be able to get a real feel for the visual world I'm writing about.


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