Book Review: Mermaid by: Kate O'Connor

Publisher: Musa Publishing

Publication Date: March 21, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: When genetically engineered sea drone Coral saved two drowning humans, she didn’t expect to end up questioning the foundations of her world… but humans don’t seem as different as she’s always been told. With nothing ahead of her but mindless days of harvesting seaweed for World Food Co., she has to know why humans are free to choose and drones aren't. 

Coral’s only hope of transforming her future lies in taking on a battle her people gave up a century ago. However, each step nearer to drone freedom brings her closer to falling in love with Rob, the man she saved and heir to the company she is fighting to change.

Struggling to unravel politics and passion, Coral begins to realize that she stands to lose more than just a chance at being human. Both her life and Rob’s may just balance on whether or not they can create a world where drones can be free.

Review: Part human, part machine, and wholly engineered, Coral is one of the drones who harvests seaweed for World Food Co. They are programmed to follow orders, never questioning, and built to do their function only. When Coral goes to close to a human ship, she’s caught but rescued by Rob – the son of the owner of World Food Co. Since their encounter, Coral wants a chance to be human so she turns to a man who can give her a wholly human body. Unable to walk without crippling pain throughout her new feet, she’s determined to find Rob and make a better life for her people. Yet there is a price to pay for her new body and it may just be her life. Will Coral determine that freedom for her people is worth anything – including her life? MERMAID is a dark sci-fi version of the original Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Coral really leapt of the pages of MERMAID with her heart, passion, and drive. MERMAID is a relatively short story with a powerful message.

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