Book Review: Futureless by: K.J. Draeghan

Publisher: K. J. Draeghan

Publication Date: July 28, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: In a world far, far away, there exists a giant mass of land that five unique races call their home – Ilreya.

Long ago, Ilreya was torn asunder by the gnashing jaws of a vicious war: The Blood War. The five nations of this land had never known true peace, their racism and distrust creating great rifts between them. With this war, the rifts grew wider still. When all the continent seemed about to perish at the hands of its inhabitants, a treaty was struck. This treaty, despite ending the bloodshed, did not mend the hate the races felt for each other and soon all contact ceased between them.

Now, many centuries later, war threatens to rear its hideous head yet again. The barbarous William Blaise, current ruler of the weredragon nation, has grown mad with his desire for power. With his awesome might he plans to bring the other races of Ilreya to their knees and claim the entire continent as his own.

There is only one way he can be stopped: A group of youths from the Ilreyan nation of Coruka must band together and bring an end to the monster's rule before war begins anew. Though they will face incredulous peril and devastating trials, success is their only option. If they fail, if they cannot find it within themselves to defeat such a formidable foe, the only world they've ever known will languish under the weight of the chains Blaise will bind it in.

Review: Ilreya was ripped apart by suspicion, racism, and hatred. During The Blood War, the five nations tried to wipe each other off the face of the world. When it seemed the darkness would overcome them all, a treaty was struck. While this served to end the war, the fear and hatred between the races ran unceasing and caused each nation to become insular and xenophobic. Centuries pass and William Blaise, the leader of the weredragons, has decided it’s time take over all of Ilreya and bring the nations to their knees. The only thing standing in his way is a ragtag group of Corukan youth with some interesting histories of their own. FUTURELESS is the start of an epic high fantasy series in the vein of Tolkien or Lewis. Each character is given an in depth back story and undergoes major growth throughout the tale. FUTURELESS has romance, magic, action, suspense, and fantastic creatures written in vivid detail. The characters and story leap off the page and, even though there are some slower spots, the whole story is captivating. Like other high fantasy novels, there are some difficult to pronounce names, but it didn’t curb my enjoyment. FUTURELESS will have something for any reader who likes high fantasy.

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