Book Review: Bad Mojo by: Shane Berryhill

Publisher: Ragnarok Publications

Publication Date: August 28, 2014

Origins:  From Publicist for Review

Synopsis: BAD MOJO is a tale of love and murder among the men, women, and monsters of a mystical, modern-day South.

Shane Berryhill’s first dark adult fantasy is the story of Zora Banks--a beautiful, Southern conjure woman of mixed race--as  told through the eyes of her partner, Ash Owens, a pretty boy-redneck cursed with a monstrous alter ego. 

When Tennessee State Representative Jack Walker hires Ash to find his missing, drug-addicted wife, Ash finds himself at odds with Chattanooga’s various underworld gangs--both the living and the unliving--as he and Zora become embroiled in a far-reaching occult organization’s grab for ultimate power.

Equal parts True Blood and Justified, BAD MOJO will prove a dark delight for fans of urban fantasy, Southern Gothics, paranormal romance, and hardboiled crime.

Review: In BAD MOJO, the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee is as much a character as the people who dwell there. BAD MOJO is the first book of the Zora Banks series and the story is told in the first person by Ash Owens, Zora’s partner  - a redneck who lives at the bar where he works and tries not to turn furry once a month. Something very bad is going down in the Nooga, so it’s up to Ash and Zora to figure out who is behind it all. I think the way the story is told through Ash’s eyes/words helped to give Zora, an exotically beautiful and powerful mixed-race Conjure woman, an air of the mysterious and taboo. Both the protagonists and antagonists of BAD MOJO were fully developed with distinctive personalities and abilities. BAD MOJO has it all – humor, mystery, magic, suspense, sex, twists, and thrills. Fans of dark and gritty urban fantasy will love to dive into BAD MOJO!

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