Book Review: And Death Will Seize the Doctor, Too by: Jeremiah Swanson

Publication Date: May 27, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Christian Thompson had the power to heal people with a touch of his hand, but in order to cure one person he first had to kill someone else.

The man he’d come to kill on this particular night was Walter Chambers. Walter Chambers made his living by robbing houses, and sometimes he wound up killing the people who lived in them. 

Walter wasn’t an especially bright or talented or even cunning criminal but he did manage to get away with what he was doing for almost thirteen years before he was finally caught, tried, and sentenced to death. That sentence, as far as most people who cared to know knew, had been carried out about a half hour ago.

Christian, of course, knew better. 

Review: Christian Thompson has an unusual gift, if you can call it a gift. He can heal with his hands, from the brink of death, but in order to do so he must kill someone else. Christian had been recruited by a covert group, who found and mined those with ‘special’ abilities. AND DEATH WILL SEIZE THE DOCTOR, TOO is a tale of morality, life, and death. While seeming one-dimensional at the beginning, the characters do evolve over time. I wasn’t fond of the way the book skipped back and forth multiple times between past and present. I liked the supernatural aspects of the story the best and the different talents showcased. AND DEATH WILL SEIZE THE DOCTOR, TOO will impact each reader in a different way.

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