Book Review: Walled In by: H.L. Carpenter

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Musa Publishing

Publication Date: May 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: When her father is accused of fraud, seventeen year old Vandy Spencer discovers her entire life has been built on a heart-shattering deception.

Seventeen year old Vandy Spencer lives like a princess. Sheltered by her wealthy family, she happily makes plans to spend a fantasy before-college gap summer with her gorgeous boyfriend.

Then her dad is accused of a huge financial fraud. Vandy is thrust into a frenzy of media attention as accusations and innuendos pile up daily. The victims of her dad’s swindle vow revenge, and her dad flees.

As her perfect life disintegrates, Vandy struggles to separate reality from lies. Was her perfect life truly so perfect? Did she ever really know her father?

When family secrets come to light, revealing an unimaginable betrayal, Vandy learns to appreciate the simple richness of sincerity and truth.

Review: Previously, Vandy Spencer’s only worry is about getting ready for a trip to Paris during her ‘gap summer’ with her boyfriend, Stenny. She’s always been Daddy’s Princess, sheltered and living a pampered life. When her father is accused of financial fraud (essentially a Ponzi scheme), the Spencer family is thrown into a maelstrom. The media is clamoring for blood, along with investors who want their money back, all sorts of nuts who are coming out of the woodwork, and Vandy’s life won’t ever be the same. Can she believe in her father or is her perfect family the biggest lie of all? WALLED IN is an interesting coming of age story. Vandy’s sheltered and spoiled; she means well, but she doesn’t understand how the real world works. When her father’s accused of stealing money and fraud, her world goes up in smoke. Now only the truth will satisfy Vandy and she’s not getting it from her family. As she struggles to discover her family’s secrets and live life on her own terms, she learns there are things in the world which she never noticed before and her eyes are finally opened. WALLED IN shows how important truth is over the trappings of a so-called perfect life.

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  1. Thank you, Star! You made our day! We appreciate your taking the time to read and review Vandy!


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