Book Review: Silent Partner by: Stan Schatt

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Pen-L Publishing

Publication Date: September 1, 2014

Origins:  From Publisher/Author for Review

Synopsis: Detective "Frankie" Ryan tracks a sadistic killer while the press attacks her as a feminist vigilante who takes the law into her own hands. The only one who can help her is a tabloid reporter who can't decide if he's a psychic who sees ghosts or just someone going insane. As they search for the killer in a sunny seacoast city's seamy S&M underside, they begin to question everything they know about sexual identity. How can they find the killer before he strikes again when he defies description? Silent Partner is a paranormal mystery, a police procedure novel with a female detective that will remind you of Harry Bosch, a ghost story that suggests what lies beyond death, and a comic look at a tabloid where the truth is whatever sells.

Review: SVPD’s Detective Frankie Ryan has a reputation as a ball buster and vigilante. She and her partner, John Landry, are assigned a case which starts with two dead bodies found naked in a hotel room. However, when the identities of the victims are discovered it adds a twist to the investigation. Meantime, military vet and local reporter, Josh Harrell, has been given a ‘promotion’ – the dead man’s job at the ‘Midnight Whisperer’, a rag newspaper. Josh has also recently come into a family inheritance – the ability to see his guardian, Andy, and have psychic visions. Of course, he at first thinks he’s going crazy, but realizes his visions can help the police. SILENT PARTNER is a good mystery with paranormal elements. The main characters are all fully realized and the mystery contains enough twists and turns to keep readers guessing, which is how I prefer mysteries. Frankie’s a great female lead, tough, devoted to her job, and takes no bull from anyone. Josh is a great character and I loved the fact he didn’t either 1) run away screaming from his visions or 2) become a total woo-woo believer overnight. He was very skeptical about his gift, which I think helped him assist in the investigation effectively. SILENT PARTNER has a good plot, great mystery, and a dollop of the paranormal. I was delighted by SILENT PARTNER and I hope there are more books featuring Frankie and Josh.

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