Book Review: Shaman by: Scott Rhine

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: June 18, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: Daniel is training to become a shaman and living on the Dakota reservation with his grandfather. As a member of the thunderbird people, he can visit a shared dream world and meet others like himself. Over summer break, he takes a road trip to New Orleans to rescue a sixteen-year-old girl from the Dark Tree Coven. Daniel knows he’s going to be grounded, but promises his cousins that the adventure will be worth the punishment.

What follows reads like a Native American “Blues Brothers” with a trained raccoon.

“We have the raccoon and the police gear. All we need is a net, an acetylene-propane torch, forty feet of rope, a Bavarian cream doughnut, Karo syrup, and red food coloring.”

Series: Behind the Walls of Sleep Series

Review: In MESSENGER, Daniel spent most of his time in Astra, the world he visited in his dreams. In SHAMAN, more time is spent in the waking world. Daniel’s learning to be a shaman with all the responsibilities the title and role. As Daniel learns to harness his abilities, he learns more about his past and to view certain events through a more mature eye. SHAMAN had a lot more character growth for Daniel and development for the secondary characters. There was humor, heartache, and the undercurrent of maturation. Please do read MESSENGER first, so you have the background on the characters and events up to the beginning of SHAMAN. I liked the rich development, new characters, and daring rescue in SHAMAN. I can’t want to see what happens next for Daniel, his family, and friends.

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