Book Review: It Comes In Waves by: Erika Marks

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: NAL Trade

Publication Date: July 1, 2014

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

Synopsis: For competitive surfer Claire "Pepper" Patton, the waves of South Carolina’s Folly Beach once held the promise of a loving future and a bright career—until her fiance, Foster, broke the news that he and Claire's best friend, Jill, were in love.

Eighteen years later, now forty-two and a struggling single parent to a rebellious teenage daughter, Claire has put miles between that betrayal and that coast. But when ESPN invites her back to Folly Beach for a documentary on women in surfing, Claire decides it might be the chance she needs to regain control of her life and reacquaint herself with the unsinkable young woman she once was.

But not everything in Folly Beach is as Claire remembers it, most especially her ex-best friend, Jill, who is now widowed and raising her and Foster’s teenage son. An unexpected reunion with Claire will uncover a guilt that Jill has worked hard to bury—and bring to the surface years of unspoken blame.

When Claire crosses paths with a sexy pro-surfer who is as determined to get Claire back on a board as he is to get her in his bed, a chance for healing might not be far behind—or is it too late for two estranged friends to find forgiveness in the place that was once their coastal paradise, where life was spent barefoot and love was as dizzying as the perfect wave...

Review: Pepper Patton grew up in a family who kept secrets and she never wanted it for herself. Her first summer in Folly Beach – becoming a competitive surfer and falling in love showed her what she thought was the perfect life. Until the day it all came crashing down around her ears when her fiancé and first love Foster told her he and her best friend, Jill, were in love. Pepper left Folly Beach thinking she’d never return. When ESPN invites Pepper, now going by her given name – Claire, back to Folly Beach for a special on female surfers she accepts. Claire has a failed marriage under her belt and a teenager who wants nothing to do with her. Perhaps revisiting Folly Beach will give Claire the much needed closure on the past. Not everyone is happy to see Claire – especially not Jill, widowed by Foster and raising his son.

IT COMES IN WAVES is a hauntingly beautiful and heart-shattering novel. Readers feel every bit of the characters’ feelings along with them, viscerally. My heart ached for Claire, and even for Jill. IT COMES IN WAVES masterfully shows the complexity of female friendships and the relationships between mothers and daughters. The author has created a novel every woman can relate it in one way or another. You’ll need a box of tissues next to you when reading about the aftermath from the destruction of the perfect summer. IT COMES IN WAVES shows how you must sometimes revisit the place of your greatest pain to be able to move past it. An excellent novel which I highly recommend!

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