Book Review: Haunted Heads by: Gary Canup

Rating: 4/5

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Synopsis: A novella about three young unwed couples, all brilliant liberal-minded graduate students, who meet in an isolated farmhouse on a summer weekend. Three years ago the owner of the house, the grandfather of one of the young men, died in the attic bedroom. The puritanical old man would not have approved of the hedonistic activities and the atheistic discussions that take place under his roof, and neither does his "ghost," which is stirred to a homicidal rage. But is the ghost real, or do the old man's antiquated values merely live on in his grandson's tormented mind? The conflicts lead to the dissolution of the grandson's relationship with his girlfriend, to his estrangement from his other four friends, and ultimately drive him to an extreme solution to get rid of the ghost, with plenty of scares along the way.

Review: Nattie and Tyler are taking a weekend get away with some friends. They’re going to be staying at Tyler’s grandparents’ home, which has lain abandoned and isolated since Tyler’s grandfather died three years earlier. Tyler used to love visiting his grandmother, but always felt his grandfather disapproved of him in some way. Now Tyler is seeing his grandfather’s ghost around the farmhouse and it’s causing him to alienate both friends and loved ones. Haunted by the image of his grandfather, he’s forced to take extreme measure to banish him forever. HAUNTED HEADS is a creepy tale of torment, guilt, and the beyond. Tyler’s a nice enough guy, but I did not like Nattie at all. She seemed very self-involved and even mean, at times. The conflict and fear within Tyler was palpable and I could see the madness building to the eventual conclusion. HAUNTED HEADS is a good story, which I felt worked best as a novella.

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