Book Review: Correlation by: Mia Grace

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Red Adept Publishing, LLC

Publication Date: November 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Synopsis: When the past and the present collide…

Hailey Kent knows how she wants to spend the summer before her junior year in high school: hanging out at the pool with Jenna, her BFF; riding her new trail bike on Vermont’s country roads; and flirting with Jenna’s hot older brother, Cody.

Hailey’s plans are shattered when a post-graduation accident puts her brother into a coma. Feeling guilty for not stopping him from going out that night, she seeks solace in exploring an old house and its overgrown gardens.

A mysterious correlation of events propels her back in time to the Vietnam War era, where she realizes she can use her knowledge of one boy’s fate to save his life.

But first, Hailey needs to convince him of her sanity.

Review: Hailey Kent is having the summer of her life, hanging out with her best friend Jenna and crushing on Jenna’s older brother, Cody. When Hailey’s older brother David is critically injured in a car crash, all of their differences melt away. Hailey only wants David to wake up and her family to be back to normal. Hailey starts spending time with Jenna and her grandmother, Susan Wells. When Hailey and Jenna find the house which belonged to Mrs. Wells’ former fianc√©, Jenna wants to clean it up. Hailey’s happy enough to not spend any time at home, but something mysterious happens when she visits the abandoned property alone. Hailey doesn’t believe in time travel – it’s not possible…right?

CORRELATION is an excellent soft science fiction novel. I liked Hailey right from the start – she’s responsible, practical, and level-headed. Since the accident, she’s been trying to hold her family together, but nothing seems to work. When a strange confluence of events thrusts Hailey into a situation where she could make a difference, she’s not sure at first if she is 1) making this all up or 2) if she should meddle. CORRELATION is a sweet story, mixing some light romance and time travel. I highly recommend it for readers of all ages!

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