Book Review: Gemini Rising #1: Ethereal Fury by: Jessica O’Gorek

Rating: 2/5

Publisher: Cogent

Publication Date: June 4, 2013 

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Mother Earth, wounded by the human race and its disregard for her resources, will recruit human souls to serve Her and turn against humanity. A rising force festers; Gemini, a clan of paranormal beings will systematically possess and destroy towns, cities, and states. Amidst the chaos, a forbidden relationship between Onyx, a lead Gemini, and Violette, a human, begins. They will both find themselves in the middle of a revolutionary war that will either save, or destroy our world.

Review: Mother Earth has recruited human souls to create her army of Gemini to eradicate humanity. The souls she harvests are those of people who have added to the environmental desecration and destruction. She then retrains them into warriors for her cause and they go out and destroy towns, killing all humans without regard. They've started in small towns, easily taken out, but they have also had casualties of their own. Now Onyx, a Gemini, is trying to make inroads into a new town, but the priests there have found ways to combat the Gemini, thinking they’re demons of some sort. Onyx is drawn to Violette, a sixteen year old girl who is also infatuated with Slate, a teenage priest-in-training. Mother Earth is in for a shock when she is informed about the priests who know how to fight her warriors and her warrior who has feelings for a human.

I wanted to like ETHEREAL FURY, I really did. I thought the concept was amazing and refreshingly unique: Mother Earth fighting to end humanity through her warriors and a forbidden romance. However, most of the book was about a love triangle between Slate, Violette, and Onyx. Considering Onyx was old enough to be at least Violette’s father when he became a Gemini, the whole idea of his infatuation was creepy. I would have liked to learn more about how Mother Earth came up with her plans and been given a more in-depth look at the creation of the Gemini. What are the Gemini really? Why did they come across as demonesque? Why is it priests are the only ones who know what to look for and how to fight them?  Why do the Gemini attack churches and towns instead of going after oil companies or logging companies? It was hard for me to keep reading when what began as a great concept got bogged down in trying to be a paranormal romance. Perhaps there will be a second edition of ETHEREAL FURY which addresses these issues.

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