Book Review: The Dream King's Courier: Payback by: Patrice Sikora

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Createspace

Publication Date: April 5, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Animal Control Officer Gwen Revmore has no use for the gods. They've never answered any of her prayers-even after a tragic accident leaves her husband dead, and her young son gravely injured.

But after her estranged grandfather shows up at the hospital to urge her to try one more time to save the boy, Gwen decides there's nothing left to lose. She asks Nathao, the powerful King of Dreams, for help, and he agrees to save Sam-but like most favors, the help will come at a price.

King Nathao needs to replace an employee killed in an attack on his lands, and he promises to save Gwen's son if she agrees to take on that very important job of Courier. Gwen will work closely with Nathao's other staff, including her grandfather, and serve as the King's public face for his congregations around the world. She will also be his official emissary to other gods.

Gwen soon finds herself caught in a dangerous conflict as Nathao and rival god Bayel struggle for followers and power. In a world where gods are created and shaped by human belief, these beings will stop at nothing to gain more worshippers-regardless of who is caught in the crossfire.

Review: Even though her grandfather and her mother are both strident believers, Gwen Revmore has never had any use for the gods. When her husband and son are in a horrific accident, her husband is killed and her son is in critical condition at the hospital. Her estranged grandfather appears at the hospital and begs Gwen to pray to Nathao, the King of Dreams, to heal her son. When Nathao agrees to save Sam, Gwen is beyond grateful, but a god’s favor always comes with a price.

Nathao needs Gwen to be his new Courier – working with his Riders (which include her grandfather), being the public face to his followers, and being an emissary to the other gods. Right now, a popular party god, Bayel, has followers who are changing his image and increasing his thirst for power no matter the source or cost. Now Gwen must use her wits to stop Bayel’s followers and save the world…nothing big, right?

THE DREAM KING’S COURIER: PAYBACK is a fascinating fantasy tale of gods and their followers. I found it quite interesting how the followers of the gods influenced the gods’ personalities and power. The world the author built was well-detailed and impressive. I liked Gwen a lot, especially because Nathao chose her due to her skepticism. Going along with Gwen’s journey as she learns her role as Courier and seeing through her eyes was amazing. THE DREAM KING’S COURIER: PAYBACK is a complete story on its own, which is very nice in this age of cliffhangers. I’m looking forward to see where the author takes Gwen next.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I like the idea of the gods and how the worshippers shape who they are.


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