Book Review: Counterfeit Youth by: Narbeh Avanessian

Rating: 3/5

Publisher: Narbeh Avanessian

Publication Date: April 28, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: What does the man who has everything want? The answer is simple: for it to never end. Jackson Riley is a young billionaire living in the year 2052 with a single obsession - to discover immortality within his lifetime. But what happens when this obsession tears him apart from reality and his one true love Nicole? And why have untraceable special agents taken an interest in his medical experiments? Counterfeit Youth is an emotionally charged sci-fi thriller that explores the concept of happiness, and what it means to live forever.

Review: Seeing his father get sick and grow frail has led Jackson Riley on a quest for immortality. With his ample resources, he has the best scientists working on a cure for aging. He’s also had work done to look as youthful as a twenty-year-old. As a result, he’s lost his true love and high-school sweetheart, Nicole. He’s also caught the interest of a special branch of the government which strives to keep anti-aging research under wraps. Is immortality worth the cost? COUNTERFEIT YOUTH is sharp and well-written, easily capturing and holding the attention of readers. I could easily see this novella becoming a full length novel. Some of the characters do come across as one dimensional, but I feel it’s a failing of the length of the story not in the ability of the author. Obsession is an unhealthy emotional attachment and COUNTERFEIT YOUTH serves as warning for those who would fall into the abyss. The author has a style which will suit him well in his future creations.

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