Book Review: Chase Tinker and the House of Destiny by: Malia Ann Haberman

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Crossroad Press

Publication Date: May 28, 2014

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Synopsis: In Chase Tinker's world, magic, lies and secrets can be a lethal combination…

For eight agonizing months Chase Tinker's guilt over the despicable act he committed on Halloween night has been eating away at his heart and mind. Chase's life gets even more complicated when secrets about the mysterious Relic in the attic are revealed on the eve of a visit from an unwelcome caller. It doesn't help that this all occurs on his fourteenth birthday!

Despite his problems, his biggest concern is that his family's Dark Enemy, the Marlowe Family, is becoming more powerful with each passing day, fueled by the energy they continue to pillage from the many magical beings of the world. If Chase and his family are ever going to win, they will need a whole lot of magical help; they must destroy the most evil threat the world has ever known!

Series: Chase Tinker series

Review: Chase Tinker is tired of secrets, especially the one he’s been keeping close to his chest since Halloween. As event more secrets pile up, Chase has had enough and is willing to let everyone know how he feels. Chase was snappy, whiny, and paranoid – alienating both family and friends. Now, Chase had plenty of reason to be paranoid, with the Marlowe family plotting to get their hands on the Tinker house and the Relic. I can also understand Chase’s irritability, with his profound guilt, but sometimes it seemed to go a bit too far. When a Marlowe comes to the Tinkers for aid, Chase is against it from the start, even though the elder magical Tinkers are willing to let him stay. In the meantime, the kids go on a quest to find magical creatures who will help them against the Marlowes. They find it is not only the Tinkers who have been affected by the dark greed of the Marlowe family. CHASE TINKER AND THE HOUSE OF DESTINY continues the magical story of Chase and his fight to save his family. My favorite parts of this book are their quest to find magical allies and how effortlessly the author makes the magic real. There will be another book after this one, which will conclude the series. Once I got to the end of CHASE TINKER AND THE HOUSE OF DESTINY, I needed the next book right away! The best aspects of this series are the family bonds between the Tinkers, as well as watching Chase grow into himself and his powers.

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