Book Feature: Protectors Of The Vale by: Curtiss Robinson

Publisher: Beau Coup Publishing

Publication Date: February 27, 2014

Synopsis: The days are dark and terrifying for the defending forces of the Alliance, a steadfast coalition of elves, dwarves, gnomes and humans. Yet dual lights of hope spring from the lush forests of Celes’tia… Rosabela, an elven shapeshifter and healer, and her twin brother Wavren, a hunter and beastmaster, leave their home to join the Protectors of the Vale, an elite band of heroes who are the world’s best defense against the dark forces. Treacherous infiltrators hinder preparations for the approaching conflict as the enemy draws ever nearer. Rosabela and Wavren will need every ounce of their cunning, courage and skill to fight for the freedom of all as blades clash, arrows fly and magic shatters the air.

Excerpt: Just as he was preparing to meld into the darkness himself, a voice called out in poor, but understandable, common: “Wel-come to For’stedge, ci-ty of the orcs,” the voice called loudly. You have walk-ed right in-to our trap.” Captain Helio froze and scanned the area with his fine night vision. He saw no one, which was inexplicable given the nature of elven sight. He knew he was exposed, but his men were not. They would cover him at all costs, so he dared to call out to the orc. “You say we have walked into your trap, but I see no warriors. I think you are foolishly all alone, but I admire your courage. Come out and settle this in the open; settle this according to the code of honor the orcs claim to live by.” Captain Helio was scanning the streets carefully and still saw no one. He knew the entire Dae’gon Alliance Army was soon to arrive. He held his position, wondering if the orc would in fact show himself. He decided to move out of sight just in case. As he silently became one with the shadows, he carefully drew his wickedly curved polearm from its strap on his back. He crept forward a few steps and felt a tiny, almost imperceptible, breeze across the back of his neck. He knew he was no longer alone, but before he could react, a massive arm came in from behind, and searing pain shot through his back. As he looked down, he could see the tip of his attacker’s sword push through his fine armor. A voice whispered in poor common, “The war-ri-or code of hon-or is not my way. I am Night-shade, mas-ter of shadows.

Author Bio: Curtiss Robinson (1970-Present) was born in Key West, Florida, grew up in South Carolina, and joined the US Army in 1989. For twenty years he served in Ft. Bragg, NC, Schofield Barracks, HI, Ft. Bliss, TX and returned to work in Charleston, SCwith the SC Army National Guard. During his second combat tour (OEF 2007) he wrote his first adventure novel, "Protectors of the Vale", which mirrored the successes and failures of his PMT team in Afghanistan. In 2009, wrote "Defenders of Griffon's Peak" which further detailed the adventuers of his sword weilding and spell casting fantasy characters. Curtiss is a lifelong martial artist and RPG enthusiast which contributes greatly to his combat scenes and vivid imagery but it is love for epic heroes and tales of legend that fuel his love of writing.

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