Book Feature: The Guardians of the Mountain by: Curtiss Robinson

Publisher: Beau Coup Publishing

Publication Date: April 28, 2014

Synopsis: Continuing The Heroes of Dae’Run with Volume 3 

Imprisoned…deceived…betrayed… “My love, Theila is held captive…my own kinsmen have failed me and my mind…well, I am not myself.” 

Wavren, Da’Shar, and Rosabela have been tasked with destroying the very essence of lycanthrope but the sacrifice is great. Which is greater; the life of an innocent man or the soul of a hero? One will be taken. 

A new enemy arises from ancient ruins assembling an army of the most feared and despised abominations ever to walk the land. They have but one order: slay every mortal in the realm. Only a poor scholar, a wizard, and a clan of dwarves have the power to hold them at bay while the forces of good mobilize for the sake of all living creatures. Orcs, assassins, and the most unlikely of allies are called on to intercede but can they be trusted in such desperate times? 

Love, faith, and courage flicker weakly amid the impending chaos and destruction in the final epic tale of the Heroes of Dae’run Saga. Summon your strength, draw your sword and embark on the most exciting adventure ever written by Beau Coup Publishing’s fantasy storyteller…Curtiss Robinson. 

Guardians of the Mountain awaits!

Excerpt: Theila noticed Ja’Zaru’s flaming tail swishing back and forth like a cat anxiously awaiting an opportunity to pounce. She said, “I am no fool. Our agreement was for Pirate’s Cove. I will not release you to run amok from Pirate’s Cove to Dek’Thal.”

The cunning demon looked up with an evil grin and said, “Then we need a new agreement, Mistress.”

Theila closed her eyes. She pictured her friends in her mind. Their lives could be spared, she thought. She considered her father, Don. His death in her vision had been horrible. Finally, she pictured Vlaad. She could never allow him to be torn apart by the barbaric orcs. She loved him with every fiber of her being. It was this love that gave her pause. She knew what the demon wanted and giving in to him would mean never having the life she wanted. The choice seemed to take an eternity to make as she weighed the lives of her companions against her soul.

“Speak your terms,” the warlock commanded.

Ja’Zaru knew he had won. The greater demon stood to its full height. Its wings spread, and he threw his head back laughing with unbridled evil. As the massive balrog returned his gaze to Theila he said, “You will serve me in life and for one hundred years after.”

The warlock could not refuse and took a knee in subservience. The balrog laughed maniacally. Its patience and cunning had paid off. He would have revenge against Theila and now had a willing conduit to gain revenge on Gorka...

...Theila had acted in desperation to save her friends, herself, and her love. She had willingly sacrificed herself that they might live and somehow, they all had escaped. The most amazing part was that Vlaad had come for her and defeated the greater demon, resulting in her freedom from more than one hundred years of servitude to the evil being and in the process, banished it to the abyss as well. The greatest irony was that now she faced punishment for that amazing chain of events that simply could not have gone any better.

A sickly looking clerk standing beside the high platform where the council of judges sat stepped forward and spoke, “Will the demoness Theila please come forward?”

She glared at the clerk as a guard shoved her roughly forward, causing her to stumble and fall. Her leg shackles cut into her ankles and as she went down, her wrist shackles bit deeply into her flesh. The warlock took a moment to stand and then brush back a renegade tendril of hair that fell across her eyes.

The centermost judge, a withered old hag of a woman, signaled for the clerk to proceed.

The clerk cleared his throat and announced, “Demoness Theila of Westrun, formerly a warlock of the Black Gate, you have pleaded guilty of illicit transplanular summoning, entering into a demonic covenant with a balrog, and endangering the kingdom. Have you prepared your defense?”

Theila nodded but did not speak.

The panel of judges nodded back. A thick-bearded man on the far left, obviously the prosecutor, began with a simple question, “Do you know the laws which bind our order?”

Theila replied, “I do.”

The prosecutor continued, “In accordance with those laws, under what circumstances is a warlock permitted to summon beyond their rank and station?”

Theila returned, “Under no circumstances, which is why I pleaded guilty.”

The panel of judges shuffled uneasily at the sharpness of her reply.

The prosecutor then asked, “Are you prepared to suffer the punishment associated with your crime as a last act of honor?”

The accused replied, “I would like to submit testimony under mitigating circumstances.”

Author Bio: Curtiss Robinson (1970-Present) was born in Key West, Florida, grew up in South Carolina, and joined the US Army in 1989. For twenty years he served in Ft. Bragg, NC, Schofield Barracks, HI, Ft. Bliss, TX and returned to work in Charleston, SCwith the SC Army National Guard. During his second combat tour (OEF 2007) he wrote his first adventure novel, "Protectors of the Vale", which mirrored the successes and failures of his PMT team in Afghanistan. In 2009, wrote "Defenders of Griffon's Peak" which further detailed the adventures of his sword wielding and spell casting fantasy characters. Curtiss is a lifelong martial artist and RPG enthusiast which contributes greatly to his combat scenes and vivid imagery but it is love for epic heroes and tales of legend that fuel his love of writing.

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