Book Review: The Waking Serpent by: Terry Maggert

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Createspace

Publication Date: April 26, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Evil is never still. Something wicked is crossing the sea, a creature so old that none even remember its name-- but it has not forgotten the taste of blood. With a succubus ally, a brave priest, and new friends who seem a little less human than most, The Fearless will meet the greatest challenge of their lives. An ancient adversary is stopping by to avenge a wrong from the depths of time in a fight to the death that will bring a goddess to Florida for the best reason of all: Revenge.

Series: The Fearless

Review: Wally, Ring, and Risa have had some down time since killing Elizabeth, but it won’t last for long. An ancient evil has awoken and is working on getting back into his goddess’ good graces as he cuts a killing swath heading west toward America. With their allies, both old and new, The Fearless have their work cut out for them. Heroes, a priest, a Succubus, a Kin, a Goddess, and The Fearless come together to face this ancient evil…which may cost them everything they care about and more.

THE WAKING SERPENT is my favorite of The Fearless novels to date. I enjoyed see my favorite characters grow and the introduction of new allies (and new enemies). There was a lot less attention drawn to the nature of the relationship between Wally, Risa, and Ring, which I felt was an improvement. The emphasis was more on the interplay between them and the other characters. The descriptions of the newly awakened evil’s travels and deeds were ominous and creepy, but gave enormous depth to the character. The Fearless are on the cusp of something beautiful and terrifying, which this encounter serves to highlight. THE WAKING SERPENT is engaging, thoughtful, and well-written.

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