Book Review: One Death at a Time by: Thomas M. Hewlett

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: RunTogetherWords Publishing

Publication Date: November 22, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Book Links:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: “People think Alcoholics Anonymous is for drunks. It’s not. It’s for us, the real drinkers. The blood drinkers. All the rest of those meetings are just for show.”

Los Angeles, 1948. Detective Jack Strayhorn is killed while chasing down a suspect in the Black Dahlia murders all by himself.

Los Angeles, 2010. Jack Strayhorn is back in L.A. as a private investigator with a simple mission: catch the bad guys and try not to kill any innocent people along the way.

To him and his kind, human blood is the strongest drug in the world. Fortunately for Jack, he found the secret group within AA dedicated to helping Vampires survive the madness and destruction of their disease.

When a city councilmember with ties to a drug-dealing Fae clan is found dead in his home and the woman lying next to him is Jack’s current missing person’s case, tracking down the ghostlike hitman will test him like nothing before.

But this time, Jack won’t be alone. With the help of his unique powers of investigation, his magically talented friends, and a Medical Examiner with a few secrets of her own, Jack will face down a gang of outlaw biker werewolves, spell-casting Fae high on pixie dust, and an underground order of Vampires intent on ruling the world.

As Jack learned long ago, the only way to get through eternity is one death a time.

Review: Jack Strayhorn is a private investigator and a vampire who is on the wagon. With the help of the true Alcoholics Anonymous (created by and for vampires), he’s able to slake his thirst without killing anymore. When a murder and Jack’s missing persons case collide, he’s encouraged by forces unknown to give up his investigation. With some strange allies in his corner, he may just be able to come out of this one intact. ONE DEATH AT A TIME is a fantastic noir mystery with drug-dealing fae and vampires working toward sobriety. A highly suspenseful story based in the supernatural underground of L.A. with fae, werewolves, witches, vampires, with a mystery stinking of corruption. I liked the grittiness of the setting and I especially liked Jack. Even after being pressured to give up his case, he’s bound and determined to the find the truth no matter the personal cost. His perseverance is admirable and his ability to sniff out the information he needs is astonishing. I think readers who enjoy noir, fantasy, and vampires will love ONE DEATH AT A TIME.

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