Book Review: Messenger by: Scott Rhine

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: April 8, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: When we close our eyes at night, we all see the same ancient place. Exploring Astra is like living a video game. Tomorrow, I’m going goblin-tipping with some of the other wizards. The first rule of being a dream wizard is “no photos.” You don’t want the bad guys finding you where you have no powers. The waking world sucks. 

Since Mom went to prison, the Nevada foster system sent me to Minnesota to meet an Uncle Joe I never knew I had. Snow loses its charm after five days. Only music and the dreams make my life bearable. 

The weird thing is that elements of the worlds are bleeding into each other. Someone is trying to kill me, and I’m not sure who: the criminal underworld, the elves, or the crazy wizard causing these freaky storms.

Review: Daniel’s had a rough life and when his mother went to prison he’s sent to live with his Uncle Joe’s family. Daniel does have a secret – when he goes to sleep he wakes in Astra, a whole different world which is like a video game. Astra and his music make life bearable at Uncle Joe’s house. Yet Astra and the real world are starting to blend together and this is not a good thing. Can Daniel figure out why this is happening and make the right choices – not only in a land where almost anything goes, but in real life, too? MESSENGER is the first book in the Behind the Walls of Sleep series featuring Daniel Proud. Daniel had been in a horrible car accident which cost him a lot physically, as well as the life of his little brother. With his mother in prison and no other family, Daniel gets shuffled around like so much paperwork. Until he goes to live with his Uncle Joe – his mother’s brother – and also discovers Astra. MESSENGER is a coming-of-age story told in a very different way. I can see it appealing to video game and fantasy fans. There are a mixture of different spiritual beliefs and cultures contained within the story, which help to shape Daniel as we follow his adventures. Even with the abrupt ending (leading into a sequel), MESSENGER had a steady pace, a good message, and interesting characters. I’ll definitely be reading the sequel!

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  1. I thought this one sounded really weird when I first heard about it. However, judging by your review it seems that I may be missing out if I skip Messenger! Thanks for the review!

  2. Huh! I'll admit, the synopsis didn't make sense to me, but your review has left me interested.


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