Book Review: Any Other Name by: Craig Johnson

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Viking Adult

Publication Date: May 13, 2014

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

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Synopsis: A sheriff’s mysterious death spurs the new novel in the New York Times bestselling Walt Longmire series.

Sheriff Walt Longmire had already rounded up a sizable posse of devoted readers when the A&E television series Longmire sent the Wyoming lawman’s popularity skyrocketing. Now, with three consecutive New York Times bestsellers to his name and the second season of Longmire reaching an average of 5.4 million viewers per episode, Craig Johnson is reaching a fan base that is both fiercely loyal and ever growing.

In Any Other Name, Walt is sinking into high-plains winter discontent when his former boss, Lucian Conally, asks him to take on a mercy case in an adjacent county. Detective Gerald Holman is dead and Lucian wants to know what drove his old friend to take his own life. With the clock ticking on the birth of his first grandchild, Walt learns that the by-the-book detective might have suppressed evidence concerning three missing women. Digging deeper, Walt uncovers an incriminating secret so dark that it threatens to claim other lives even before the sheriff can serve justice—Wyoming style.

Series: Walt Longmire Series

Review: I’ll admit, first off, I’ve never read any of the other Longmire novels and I’ve never seen the TV adaptation. Did this keep me from enjoying ANY OTHER NAME? Definitely not! In ANY OTHER NAME Sheriff Walt Longmire has been asked by his mentor and former boss Lucian Connally to investigate Detective Gerald Holman’s apparent suicide. In the meantime, Longmire’s daughter is expecting to give birth to her first child at any moment and is pleading with him to come to her. The case quickly spirals downward as Longmire discovers a deeply buried secret which may cost the lives of many others before the case is solved. Walt doesn’t give up until the case is closed and thankfully he’ll have some help from his girlfriend Undersheriff Victoria Moretti and Henry Standing Bear (aka The Cheyenne Nation). ANY OTHER NAME is an excellent mystery with Western flair. I especially liked how there were facts about the West Longmire shares which play into the story later on down the line. The action and suspense is intense and I became a fan of Walt Longmire after reading ANY OTHER NAME.

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