Book Review: A Season of Strange Dreams by: C.S. Thompson

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Dark Quest, LLC

Publication Date: December 6, 2013

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

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Synopsis: Jim Rankin is Noctiviganti, a "night wanderer" who can visit the world known as the Fringe in his dreams. Jim is an occult detective, a killer and a secret policeman, the warrior retainer and unquestioning servant of the Paramount, the tyrannical yet supremely beautiful queen of the Fringe. The Fringe is the world of myth and mystery from which our own world was born at the beginning of time. At its heart is a great city, the City at the Heart of Her Dreaming, and in the city is a bottomless Pit or Abyss.

In "A Season of Strange Dreams," Jim has been in hiding for five years, wandering aimlessly from state to state after killing his best friend Frank Barnham on a botched mission for the Paramount. Prompted by messages from the spirits of the Fringe, Jim comes out of hiding and takes a Greyhound home to Nottamun, the city where he used to work with Frank before the killing.

A reckless occultist has opened a gateway to the Fringe. Someone has to stop more of the Fringe's magic from corrupting our world. Someone has to close it. Jim unfortunately is it.

Series: A Season of Strange Dreams (1)

Review: Jim Rankin, a Noctiviganti (night wanderer) hasn’t returned home ever since he killed his best friend. Now on the trail back to Nottamun, lured through his Fringe dreams, he finds out it’s true “you can never go home”. Everyone and everything has changed. He needs to gather enough people touched by the Fringe and willing to help in order to fix what went wrong the first time Jim and his friends tried to close the door. A SEASON OF STRANGE DREAMS is dark and gritty with a strange romance and even stranger magic. Jim straddles two worlds and with the gate having been left open for so long between Earth and the Fringe, it’s changed his hometown (and not for the better). Viscerally cruel and stark, A SEASON OF STRANGE DREAMS will definitely leave you with some odd dreams.

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