Book Review: The Face Transplant by: R. Arundel

Rating: 3/5

Publication Date: December 10, 2013

Origins:  From Publicity Agency for Review

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Synopsis: Dr. Matthew MacAulay is a Facial Transplant Surgeon at a prestigious New York hospital. His friend and mentor, Tom Grabowski, dies under mysterious circumstances. Matthew is forced to investigate. He uncovers his friend's secret. A new technique that allows perfect facial transplants. No incisions, no scars. The surgeon is able to transplant one person's face to another with the perfect result. Tom was able to accomplish this monumental feat with the help of Alice, a supercomputer robot with almost human abilities. While trying to find the people responsible for murdering his friend Tom, Matthew realizes he is the prime suspect. Matthew must flee for his life with the help of Dr. Sarah Larsson, a colleague and reluctant helper who has a secret of her own. Alice helps them make sense of a baffling series of seemingly unrelated events. Matthew is forced to undergo a facial transplant to hide his identity and help to uncover the truth. The clues carry Matthew and Sarah around the world. Matthew stumbles onto a sinister plot of monumental proportions, the real reason Tom was murdered. This discovery leads Matthew all the way to The White House with a dramatic conclusion. Matthew never wavers in his quest for the truth and perseveres against all the odds. He must race to stop a major catastrophe, ratcheting up the excitement until the thrilling conclusion.

The Face Transplant is a powerful medical suspense thriller of the first order. The novel was written by a surgeon. The novel has a realism that only a surgeon can bring. The plot weaves politics, medicine and espionage into a tightly paced, intelligent thriller. The novels crescendos page by page to a totally unexpected conclusion.

Review: THE FACE TRANSPLANT is a story with a haunting proposition – facial transplants with no scarring, no rejection, and are undetectable. Just imagine the possibilities. When a premier facial transplant surgeon and his team are held hostage in order to complete a transplant, they are terrified. When the worst happens, they must fight for their lives. The same night, Matthew’s mentor and extraordinary doctor, Dr. Tom Grabowski, died. Learning that Tom was murdered and then seeing his scrub nurse Marcia killed in front of him, Matthew is forced to run. Even not knowing who to trust fully, Matthew must team up with Sarah and a few other friends to discover the truth. Yet the truth is far more sinister and the plot goes to the highest levels. Matthew is running out of time and the stakes will become far more personal than he ever imagined. THE FACE TRANSPLANT is reminiscent to me of ‘Face/Off’ and ‘The Cobra Event’. A fast-paced medical thriller with staggering implications, it will keep your interest until reach the finish. The science is eerie and the characters keep you engaged. THE FACE TRANSPLANT would definitely make a great movie!

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