Book Review: The Devil’s Breath by: Emily Kimelman

Rating: 5/5

Publication Date: April 9, 2014

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Synopsis: One of Sydney Rye’s dear friends, Hugh Defry, has been accused of a brutal murder, but even though he has no memory of the night, Sydney believes he is incapable of such violence. 

Called to investigate by Robert Maxim, a man she has until now, considered her greatest enemy, Sydney flies to Miami searching for the real killer. Rye’s suspicions are raised when she learns that Maxim not only wants to work together but also wants to build a friendship. She doesn’t begin to understand his motives until her former lover follows her to Florida to tell her a devastating secret. 

As more people from her past turn up, and not knowing whom to trust, Sydney sees that her personal fight for justice has become something more than she had ever imagined and she is pushed towards making a decision that will change not just her life but possibly the future of the crime fighting. 

Series: Unleashed (1), Death In The Dark (2), Insatiable (3), Strings of Glass (4), The Devil's Breath (5)

Review: Sydney Rye has come full circle. She’s back in Miami and this time it’s to look into what happened to her brother’s ex-partner, Hugh. Hugh’s been accused of murdering one of the people involved in his well-known restaurant, but he has no memory of the incident and Sydney knows Hugh couldn’t do it. Mulberry brought Sydney back to assist Hugh at the behest of Robert Maxim, a man she hates for trying to kill her. Now she’s more suspicious than ever when Maxim tries to recruit her for his company. Searching into hidden motives and areas of dark and disturbing research, Sydney may just be over her head. She’s also being torn in a different direction as friends from her past show up to invite her to join them.

THE DEVIL’S BREATH is by far my favorite book in the Sydney Rye series. I like who Sydney has become, even if she doesn’t always feel the same about herself. Significantly loyal to those she calls friends; Sydney must try to fix this situation with the accusation of murder against Hugh. Sydney is pushed to the breaking point between Maxim and friends from her past, the search for the truth and the dark paths it leads her down. Sydney doesn’t like feeling boxed into a corner, but she’s got some hard decisions to make. I absolutely love the interactions between Blue and Sydney, because I think they’re a lot alike. Blue is a very special dog – he’s just right for Sydney and what she fights for. THE DEVIL’S BREATH is a master mystery, filled with action, intrigue, and dangerous people. Please read this series!

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  1. Thanks so much Star! I'm so glad you enjoyed my latest Sydney Rye!

  2. The series itself is new to me so I am glad for this update.


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