Book Review: Dämoren by: Seth Skorkowsky

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Ragnarok Publications

Publication Date: April 14, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: In the same vein as SUPERNATURAL, HELLBOY, and BLADE comes...DÄMOREN.

A secret society of monster hunters.
A holy revolver forged to eradicate demons.
A possessed man with a tragic past.
A rising evil bent on destroying them all. 

MATT HOLLIS is the current wielder of the holy weapon, Dämoren. With it, he stalks and destroys demons. 

A secret society called the VALDUCANS has taken an interest in Matt’s activities. They see him as a reckless rogue—little more than a ‘cowboy’ corrupted by a monster—and a potential threat to their ancient order. 

As knights and their sentient weapons begin dying, Matt teams up with other hunters of his kind such as LUIZA, a woman with a conquistador blade; ALLAN, an Englishman with an Egyptian khopesh; MALCOLM, a voodoo priest with a sanctified machete; and TAKAIRA, a naginata-swinging Samurai.

As the hunters become the hunted, they must learn to trust one another before a powerful demonic entity thrusts the world into a terrible and ageless darkness.

Dämoren is book one of debut author Seth Skorkowsky's urban fantasy series, Valducan, from Ragnarok Publications.

Series: Valducan Series

Review: Matt Hollis became a monster hunter the day his family was murdered by horrible monsters and he was saved by a monster hunter and his sentient weapon. Now the holy weapon, Dämoren, is Matt’s and he works on his own hunting down things normal people should never encounter. He’s contacted by the Valducans, a secret society on a mission to destroy monsters and protect holy weapons like Dämoren. Matt joins the hunters reluctantly because they and their weapons are in grave danger. Many hunters have already been killed and their weapons destroyed. It’s up to Matt and the remaining Valducans must learn to work together to fight the powerful enemy who thirsts for their demise.

If you enjoy the Deacon Chalk series, I think you’ll love DÄMOREN. DÄMOREN is the first book in a new dark urban fantasy series which is a breath of fresh air from some of the more ‘light’ urban fantasy books out there. I liked the rich history of each weapon and how they've shaped (and been shaped) by their bearers. I enjoyed the mystery surrounding Matt Hollis and how he was not an open book to the other characters and to the readers. With savage action and a highly detailed mythology, DÄMOREN will ensnare you from the very first page!

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