Book Review: Whiskey Sour Noir by: Mickey J. Corrigan

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Publication Date: March 5, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Love is like a whiskey sour: you've got to watch out or it sneaks up on you.

Tami Lee Conkers is a spunky Florida chick who works at a homeless shelter. Cat Avery is handsome, well-educated, articulate, funny and dark. He lives in a bum motel and bartends right down the street from Tami Lee. She falls for him—even though she knows better. The man is a registered sex offender.

Avery claims he's innocent. Tami Lee is following her heart, but she's afraid she knows where that will take her. The love they make feels doomed. All around them, life is going from bad to worse. Especially since the Gulf Stream has stopped moving for the first time in thousands of years.

An end of the world romance, Whiskey Sour Noir is an engaging story of two unlikely lovers battling tough odds.

Love can be so bittersweet.

Review: Tami Lee Conkers works with the downtrodden in Dusky Beach…the homeless, the abused, and the desolate. Yet, she’s not far off from them herself. When she meets Cat Avery, the bartender down the street, she’s instantly taken with him. But Cat comes with his own set of issues – he’s a registered sex offender recently paroled. Can love overcome all obstacles or are some relationships just not worth the work? WHISKEY SOUR NOIR is not your average romance novel. There is no prince, no champagne, and no roses. The story is gritty, dark, and oh so real. Tami Lee and Cat are two people, down on their luck and looking for companionship – love even. The author’s strong voice bring Dusky Beach and its inhabitants to life with no frills and bare to the world. WHISKEY SOUR NOIR may not appeal to all romance readers, but it's sure to make an impression!

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