Book Review: Stealing the Moon & Stars by: Sally J. Smith & Jean Steffens

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Camel Press

Publication Date: May 15, 2014

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Synopsis: Jordan Welsh and Eddie Marino, Scottsdale private eyes, are hired to find out who’s stealing from the Moon & Stars Children’s Foundation. Foundation employees are suspected, but just as the pieces start falling into place, Jordan discovers a hidden agenda that puts her in the crosshairs of a crime lord. Who can she trust?

Everyone has a dangerous secret, and the bodies are piling up. Even her partner, Eddie Marino, has a dark and mysterious past. Does she dare act on their attraction? Will it destroy their partnership?

The two have landed in a hornets’ nest. Nothing to do now but stir it up.

Book One in a new series featuring Jordan Welsh and Eddie Marino.

Sally J. Smith & Jean Steffens' Bios: Arizona native Sally J. Smith lives in Scottsdale with her husband. The rarest of breeds, an adult who was born in Arizona, she has been a writer since she could spell. These days she stays busy at her chosen professions of writing (novels, short stories, and articles) and freelance editing. When a free moment appears on the horizon, she’s out the door to a attend a play, a movie, a concert, or just take a long walk in the desert—if the temperature’s under a hundred. Other works include The Ghost Wore Polyester.

Jean Steffens also lives in Scottsdale with her family. She’s a mother, reader, movie fan, and the Steffens’ family chauffeur. She’s also active in church activities. Like Jordan Welsh, PI, Jean grew up in Chicago near Lake Forest. Jean’s mother, however, was nurturing—baking cookies, carpooling kids to school, kissing boo-boos—unlike Jordan’s mother, who’s allergic to the kitchen and thinks a carpool is a hot tub in a limo. Jean’s published work includes “The Night Before Christmas” in the Desert Sleuths Sisters in Crime Anthology, How Not to Survive the Holidays.

Work sessions between these two ladies generally result in a lot of laughter, noshing, and Internet surfing. Both authors are members of Romance Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

Review: Jordan Welsh has eschewed following in her family’s footsteps and became a private investigator, partnered up with Eddie Marino. Eddie runs the security site of the business while Jordan runs the investigations. When their agency is hired by the owners of the Moon & Stars Children’s Foundation to find out who has embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars. As with any case of this type, the employees are automatically suspects, but as the search takes them farther down the rabbit hole they cross paths with Eddie’s past. When the bodies start piling up will Jordan and Eddie escape unscathed?

STEALING THE MOON & STARS is an interesting and complex mystery. While we see bits and pieces of Jordan and Eddie’s pasts, they were woven seamlessly into the forward movement of the plot. I liked both of the main characters, but it was the secondary characters which really sold the story. They helped to solidify the well-developed world in which STEALING THE MOON & STARS is set. The romantic/sexual tension between Jordan and Eddie is palpable, but it doesn’t detract from the story at all. STEALING THE MOON & STARS is an excellent start to a brand new series with a straightforward mystery and compelling characters.


  1. Star, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the first installment in Sally and Jean's new series. It's good to know that the characters got you hooked :)

  2. Hello, Star, thank you so much for taking the time to post your remarks regarding Stealing the Moon & Stars. While the complexity of the main characters is always a challenge, it's the secondary characters who provide entertaining distraction for us as authors. We have as much fun writing them as you seem to have had reading about them. Thanks again for the terrific review. Sally & Jean, Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens, Authors.

    1. My pleasure! Keep up the great work!


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