Book Review: Shadow Boxer by: Jen Greyson

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Alexander Cole Publishing Group

Publication Date: January 7, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Fatigued from her latest mission where sleep was only a fleeting blip in time, Evy Rivera will see no reprieve. Urgently, she must again travel back in time to ancient Rome. Now, she’s tasked with saving her lover’s daughter before Evy’s misogynistic mentor ensures the girl’s death. Worse, Evy must push aside her heart-wrenching desire to reconnect with Constantine to focus on her task. 

Every step draws Evy deeper into the mysteries and lies surrounding her lightning rider ability. Once her assignment in Rome is complete, she’s ripped away from Constantine and hurled through infinity. Evy’s warring mentors send her on a far different mission. With nowhere to turn, she must align herself with the man who despises her in order to befriend Nikola Tesla and keep his patents out of the FBI’s clutches. But her heart aches for Constantine. Will she be able to push her feelings aside and complete the alteration before it’s too late?

Series: Lightning Rider (1), Shadow Boxer (2)

Review: Evy Rivera is a Lightning Rider, with the ability to harness lightning to travel through time and complete alterations. Her current mission is to save her lover’s daughter in ancient Rome. This means more time apart from her lover, Constantine, with whom she longs to spend her life. Once her current alteration is complete, she must work with her fiercest enemy to save Nikola Tesla’s patents from falling into the wrong hands. Yet things are not as black and white as Evy believes…

SHADOW BOXER is the second book in the Alterations series and Evy is determined to make sure Aurelia, Constantine’s daughter, lives. I liked how we (and Evy) learned more about the lightning rider powers and that there may be more riders than originally believed. My favorite parts of the book were when Evy was with Nikola Tesla. His genius is amazing and it was great to see him portrayed in such a positive light. I do wish Evy would learn to trust herself and not what others tell her, especially about her own gift. I was happy to see her experimenting with different types of lightning and what they may do alone and in combination. I really liked the first book in this series, LIGHTNING RIDER, but I enjoyed SHADOW BOXER a lot more as it delved deeper into the rider lore. I almost screamed when I got to the cliffhanger ending and I really really need to know what happens next!!

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