Book Review: Paper Hearts by: S.R. Savell

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Medallion Press

Publication Date: April 15, 2014

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Synopsis: A pushy counselor, school bullies, a neglectful mother, and a dead father have ruined seventeen-year-old high school senior Michelle Pearce’s perspective on life. A social reject living in self-imposed exile, Michelle has little use for anything or anyone—until Nathaniel comes along. A high school dropout who works three jobs to care for his dying grandmother, he’s all but convinced Michelle that there is some good left in humanity.

And then humanity proves him wrong. The unforgivable happens, destroying Michelle’s newfound faith in life and threatening to unravel a love in the making.

Review: Michelle Pearce doesn’t have time for people because she has learned, time and time again, they aren’t worth her time or effort. Until Nathaniel. Michelle meets Nathaniel at her job when he comes in looking for the owner. When Michelle finally lets Nathaniel in, they become the best of friends – more alike than either realize at first. When Michelle’s life crumbles around her, Nathaniel is there to try to show her there is some good in the world.

PAPER HEARTS is not a book for the faint of heart. Michelle is prickly, thorny, and in a lot of pain. Her father’s dead, her mother doesn’t care for her, she’s bullied at school, and her counselor is useless. Many readers may have a hard time initially connecting with Michelle, but there is something vulnerable underneath the hard shell which touched my heart. Nathaniel hasn’t had an easy life either, but still somehow manages to hold hope in his heart. I really liked Nathaniel’s grandmother who had a knack to her – I think she was able to see the beautiful person within Michelle. I loved Nathaniel – I loved his huge heart, his optimism, his loyalty, and his ability to get through to Michelle. When Michelle’s life is ripped apart, the depictions of her and Nathaniel’s reactions are real and visceral. One of the best aspects of PAPER HEARTS is that has a realistic ending which matches the flow of the entire story. PAPER HEARTS will touch you deeply.

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