Book Review: Just Destiny by: Theresa Rizzo

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: March 31, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: What would you do if your whole world fell apart?

Jenny Harrison made some poor choices in the past, but marrying Gabe was the best thing she’d ever done. They had the perfect marriage, until a tragic accident leaves Gabe brain dead and her world in ruins.

Devastated by grief, she decides to preserve the best of their love by conceiving his child, but Gabe’s family is adamantly opposed, even willing to chance exposing long-held family secrets to stop her. Caught in a web of twisted motives and contentious legal issues, Jenny turns to best friend and attorney, Steve Grant. Steve wants to help Jenny, but he has reservations and secrets of his own. 

When something so private and simple turns public and complicated, will Jenny relent? What is Steve willing to sacrifice to help Jenny?

Review: Jenny Harrison was unbelievably and overwhelmingly happy in her marriage to Gabe Harrison. Everyone always thought they had the perfect marriage, but now Jenny’s looking to add an addition to their family – a child. On a weekend getaway, Jenny tells Gabe she’s thinking about children but doesn’t let him know she’s a few weeks pregnant yet. When Gabe is struck by a car while they are biking, he is left brain dead and Jenny’s world implodes. At the hospital, Jenny is approached by a transplant coordinator asking about organ donation and since Jenny miscarried from the stress, she requested his sperm be extracted and frozen. Jenny wants to conceive their child to have a piece of Gabe in her life, but his uncle is so opposed he’s suing Jenny to keep her from using the frozen sperm. Jenny turns to her best friend, an attorney, for help…but he may not want to help her for his own selfish reasons…

JUST DESTINY brings up a lot of ethical, social and legal questions and will spark up a lot of debate between readers. Readers only meet Gabe for a short while and Jenny is the main focus of the story. Jenny has a checkered past, but seems to have matured in her time with Gabe for the most part. There are more than a few shocking secrets unveiled during the arduous trial which keep the decision on a precarious edge. JUST DESTINY is engaging and thought-provoking. It felt to me as if JUST DESTINY demonstrates that no matter our pasts, we all deserve happiness. I don’t want to give any of the details or my opinion on Jenny’s decisions – just read JUST DESTINY.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review, Star. I'm glad you enjoyed the book!


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