Book Review: Boundless Magick by: Lowvee Cole

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Lowvee Cole

Publication Date: October 31, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Abigail Stone lives in exile on present-day Block Island, magically binded because of her family's unseemly past. But, one night, during a freak stable accident, her powers mysteriously return. 

Abigail has enough trouble grasping the idea that she can suddenly make magic. She doesn't need the added complication of facing capital punishment for severing a Council-enforced bind. Luckily, the Council spares Abigail's life. However, they cannot ignore the dark and dangerous force she has spawned in their world with her crime. They order Abigail to the sixteenth-century Wiccan kingdom of Adehya. There, they secretly train her to defeat the evil she conjured, which now threatens to destroy the cosmos. 

The Council's plan is shattered when Abigail falls for an off-limits prince. Their forbidden romance leaves Abigail at the mercy of the only entity that can help her fulfill her destiny: a vengeful Wiccan goddess who wants Abigail dead.

Series: Boundless Magick (1)

Review: Abigail Stone lives with her mother and her best friend, Patrick Robertson, on Block Island. Abigail’s Wiccan powers have been bound since she was young due to her family and she no longer lives in the Wiccan world of Adehya. One fateful night Abigail magically unbinds her powers to save Patrick, something she should not have been able to do, and now she must go train with her father in Adehya. Thrust into a world she knows nothing about, she’s got to make her own decisions and follow her instincts. However, a devious evil entity has sprung up intent on destroying the universe and Abigail is the key to its defeat. Can she keep her head about her in the face of so much unknown?

BOUNDLESS MAGICK has outstanding characters (ones you’ll love and ones you’ll love to hate), a rich and multilayered world, and a magickal system beautifully brought to life. I really loved Abigail and her inner strength. She had a great upbringing and it really showed when she went to Adehya where we saw how badly behaved a lot of the other kids her age are. Abigail is willing to put herself on the front line to protect her friends and family, blood-relations or not. Abigail’s special relationship to one of the Wiccan Goddesses and her growing powers require great responsibility, which she has in spades. I loved following the characters to discover who was behind the evil threatening the universe. I’m amazed how well-developed everything from the world to the characters are from the get-go! BOUNDLESS MAGICK is a truly enchanting story!

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